Your Charter Movies

A Cinematic Voyage; their charter, their movie.

A very special souvenir…

Whilst your guests soak up the sunshine on deck, we will capture their onboard experience, giving them an invaluable parting gift from a once-in-a-lifetime charter.

Be it three days or three weeks, our team of certified professionals will record the very best bits and create a lasting memory of their trip in a way that’s meaningful to them.

Charter videos are already common practice, but they shouldn’t detract or jeopardise your crew’s ability to maintain high standards of service onboard or eat into their hours of rest.

Our new bespoke service has already been welcomed by industry-leading yachts and captains all over the world with only positive feedback; happy guests, a focused crew, and repeat bookings to name just a few.

How it works


  • Media team of 1 or 2
  • Film guests for the duration of charter
  • We’ll edit as we go
  • Presentation of Charter Movie
  • Successful trip & happy guests


  • Crew to film
  • Crew upload content daily
  • We edit remotely from our UK studio
  • Charter Movie presentation (by crew)
  • Successful trip & happy guests

At full capacity?

Cabins are often filled during charters and we understand that crew cabins are of course, in high demand. So, as an alternative to us filming for you, with us supporting from the sideline, the crew can film the action, send us the footage and will edit from afar.

The crew will be responsible for capturing and uploading the daily content to our secure cloud system at the end of each day for postproduction work. We will then assemble their Charter Movie ahead of their final day for you to share with them.

Ahead of the charter, we can chat through and recommend the best camera settings, shots of interest and what kit to use when. We’ll also be at the end of a phone for them with any questions they have.

We will speak to captains/crew prior to filming to learn about the guests preferences, personality types and characteristics to ensure we produce a personalised video. Energic adrenaline-seekers or laid-back relaxed types; we will tailor the production of this lasting memory accordingly. The videos will be around five minutes long.

Space onboard?

Cabin space allowing, our media team of one or two (depending on charter length and party size) will join you onboard to film for the duration of the charter; from the moment a guest steps onboard to their final day.

We edit the content captured daily to be able to finish and present a video by the final night so that guests can look back at a snapshot of their holiday. It goes without saying that guest privacy requests are of high importance and we are happy to sign NDAs or similar documentation. We’re also experienced in reading the room; deciding when it’s a good moment to capture or leave the guests to it.

This option includes cinematic videography, drone footage, GoPro footage and underwater footage. General Photography is chargeable in addition.

The Induction Experience

Our “Induction Experience” offers the perfect blend of professional and personal touches for the charter journey. Initially, we meet at the yacht’s location to capture essential ‘b-roll’ footage. This includes cinematic shots of the yacht, its features, and stunning visuals like sunsets, all filmed using our state-of-the-art drone technology.

As guests arrive, we ensure their first moments on board are beautifully documented, setting the tone for an unforgettable voyage. During our time with the yacht, we conduct a brief training session with the crew. This induction covers optimal camera settings and preferred shots, empowering them to capture footage with confidence.

Once the yacht sets sail, the crew takes over the filming. This unique approach allows us to combine our professional footage with authentic, relatable content captured by the crew themselves. Upon their return, we expertly edit the footage remotely, ensuring your final video resonates with both quality and personal charm.

Key Benefit: This service merges our expertly produced content with genuine moments captured by your crew. It not only enhances the storytelling of your charter experience but also ensures that all footage aligns perfectly with your vision, thanks to our comprehensive induction process.

Confidentiality & security

At Orca Media, we deeply value the confidentiality and security of our clients. To ensure the utmost protection of your data, we employ robust security measures throughout our process:
Dedicated Storage: For each project, we utilise a brand-new external hard drive, ensuring that your data remains distinct and secure.
Encrypted Transfers: When transferring your footage, we use advanced encryption methods. This ensures your content is protected against interception and remains unreadable, even in the unlikely event of a breach.
Commitment to Confidentiality: Born from our extensive background in yacht charters, we understand the critical importance of discretion. We rigorously adhere to NDAs and uphold the highest standards of client privacy.

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